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WiiChuck Module Kit

The Delptronics WiiChuck Eurorack Module is a Nintendo® Nunchuck controller to CV interface. Control your modular with one hand. The module gives you four CV outputs from the joystick and accelerometer, And two trigger outputs, from the buttons.

Nunchuck controllers are inexpensive and can be purchased from Delptronics, Amazon, eBay, and video game stores.

WiiChuck Module Kit
Includes all parts needed to build the complete module.
Panel Color:

WiiChuck Module Kit + Controller
Includes all parts needed to build the complete module, plus a nunchuck controller.
Panel Color:
Controller Color:

Assembled modules (not a kit)
will be available soon.


  • Four CV outputs
    • Joystick X
    • Joystick Y
    • Tilt X
    • Tilt Y
    • Each output can be individually configured for 0-5V or 0-10V output range.
  • Two Button Outputs
    • Button C (the smaller round button)
    • Button Z (the larger trigger button)
    • 10V output when button pressed
  • Tilt Holds
    • Separate hold input for Tilt X and Tilt Y
    • Positive voltage on the hold jacks allows the Tilt CV to change.
      Zero volts holds the Tilt CV values steady even when tilted.
    • Tilt X Hold jack is normalized to V+.
    • Tilt Y Hold jack is normalized to the Tilt X Hold jack.
  • Panel Options
    • Black panel with silver labels
    • White panel with black labels




Synth Diy Guy talks about the kit and builds it in time-lapse.

Synth Diy Guy demonstrates his new WiiChuck - by strapping it to his head!