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The LDB-1se Analog Drum Machine Kit

The LDB-1se is the second edition of Delptronics' modern classic LDB-1 “Little Drummer Boy” Analog Drum Machine. Our goal was to recreate the warm analog sounds of the legendary 80's machines, like the Roland TR-606 and TR-808. The brain of the LDB-1se is a microcontroller that is more powerful that anything available in the 80's, enabling us to provide all the features of a modern drum machine sequencer.

Easily interfaces with other instruments, synthesizers, drum machines, sequencers, DAWs, etc. through analog connections, MIDI, and DINsync.

LDB-1se Analog Drum Machine Kit - Includes all parts needed to build the complete drum machine (including PCB & MCUs)
LDB-1se Analog Drum Machine PCB & MCUs - Includes only the printed circuit board and programmed microcontrollers

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  • Eight Analog Drum Sounds
  • Eight Voice Polyphony
    • All drums can be played simultaneously,
      including the open and closed hi-hats
    • Closed hi-hat gates open hi-hat
  • Play Modes
    • Individual drums and drum rolls
    • Patterns, including songs up to 15 Patterns
    • Multiple modes of Fills and Overlaid patterns
    • Per-drum Mute and Solo modes
    • Multi-level Swing and Randomness
  • Programmability
    • 48 Pattern memory (4 banks of 16 patterns)
    • 4 Songs per bank of up to 15 patterns each
    • Step Edit and Pad Record programming modes
    • Configurable Options (MIDI channel, trigger modes, etc)
    • All data is retained without battery power
  • Connectivity
    • Powered by built-in 9V battery, or standard pedal power supply
    • MIDI Input for playing individual drums and/or MIDI clock/start/stop
    • DIN Sync Input for both clock and gate (start/stop)
    • Analog Clock Input
    • Analog Reset or Gate Input
    • Analog Trigger Output on selected steps and/or instruments



Second Edition Changes

Although the size and price are the same, there are significant differences
between the original LDB-1 and the SE.

  • The kick, snare, clap, and hi-hat sounds have changed (improved).
  • The audio output jack is 1/4", instead of 3.5mm.
  • There are 16 step LEDs, instead of 8.
  • It comes with a control panel and battery holder.
  • The firmware is updatable via MIDI.
  • There are 48 editable patterns, instead of 32.
  • There are many, many more playback modes and editing features.


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