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Knobcon 8 Workshop

Delptronics will be presenting a DIY workshop at Knobcon 8 at 11am on Saturday, September 7, 2019!

In the workshop, you will build a super useful utility module using the Delptronics Module Construction Set (MCS). You will get all the components needed to build a module, and two sets of MCS PCBs and headers — one set for the workshop, and one for your next DIY module.

This workshop is a bit more complex than building a kit, so good soldering skills are required.

Knobcon 8 Workshop Parts

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Module Construction Set

The Delptronics Module Construction Set makes building DIY Eurorack modules easy!
With the Construction Set, a module consists of two circuit boards connected together by male and female headers. The control board has a flexible grid layout that can accommodate up to 12 controls (pots, switches, pushbuttons, LEDs), and up to 8 jacks. The component board has a familiar layout similar to a protoboard or solderless breadboard, and includes a Eurorack power header prewired to the power rails. The boards are available in 4, 8, and 10 HP.

Go to the Module Construction Set product page for more details.

Detail of control board showing how a pot, button, or switch can fit in any grid position.