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General MIDI Audio Eurorack Module

The Delptronics General MIDI Audio Module adds the full General MIDI sound set to your Eurorack. Simply plug your DAW or a MIDI sequencer (such as the BeatStepPro) into the module. Then patch the synth-level outputs into the rest of your Eurorack modules.

The GM Audio module works great by itself, and it makes a fantastic companion to the Delptronics CV to MIDI Eurorack Module.

Sound samples and videos coming soon.

General MIDI Audio Eurorack Module
$150 Coming Soon



  • Produces the full General MIDI sound set
    128 pitched instruments and 47 percussion instruments
  • General MIDI compatible Reverb and Chorus effects
  • 64 voice polyphony (without effects)
    38 voice polyphony (with effects)
  • Stereo output at synth level
  • Two MIDI Inputs
    • Front: Standard MIDI DIN jack on the front panel of the module
    • Back: Behind-the-panel connection to the Delptronics CV to MIDI Eurorack Module, which is sold separately and is not required to use the General MIDI Audio Module
  • 4 HP wide, less than 48mm deep (skiff friendly)
  • Requires +/- 12V, does not require 5V
  • Current draw data will be posted when available