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CV to MIDI Eurorack Module

The Delptronics CV to MIDI Module has 24 CV inputs, each individually configurable to send any MIDI message. Control your DAW or any MIDI hardware from your Eurorack.

More informaiton and videos coming soon.

CV to MIDI Eurorack Module
$295 Coming Soon

General MIDI Audio Module
$150 Coming Soon


CV to MIDI Eurorack Module Features

  • 24 CV (control voltage) input jacks
    Each input is individually configurable to send any MIDI message:
    • Gate (Note On/Off)
    • Pitch
    • Velocity
    • Aftertouch
    • Pitch Bend
    • Mod Wheel
    • CC (continuous control)
    • NRPN (Non-Registered Parameter Number)
    • Program Change
    • Clock
    • Start/Stop
  • Two MIDI Outputs
    • Front: Standard MIDI DIN jack on the front panel of the module
    • Back: Behind-the-panel connection to the Delptronics General MIDI Audio Eurorack Module, which is sold separately and is not required to use the CV to MIDI module
  • Easy to configure
    • 16 character by two line LCD display
    • Simple one knob, two button menu interface
  • 16 HP wide, less than 48mm deep (skiff friendly)
  • Requires +/- 12V, does not require 5V
  • Current draw data will be posted when available


The General MIDI Audio Eurorack Module (pictured above right) works great with the CV to MIDI module, but it works great by itself too! Click here to read all about it.