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Unique Electronic Musical Instruments

Delptronics offers Eurorack synthesizer modules, drum machines, stomp boxes, kits, and other unique electronic musical instruments. We have lots of interesting sonic devices in development, so contact us to get on our mailing list, or follow us on Facebook, Youtube, and Instagram. You can also follow Chief Inventor Mickey Delp on his blog, Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube.



The LDB-2e Analog Drums Eurorack Module

The LDB-2e “Little Drummer Boy” analog drums Eurorack module is an update to our popular LDB-1e module. It is 6 HP (only 2HP wider) and now includes the individual volume controls and output jacks functionality of the old expansion module.
The LDB-2x expansion module is totally new and gives you knob and CV control of the pitch of every drum, and the decay of the kick and open hi-hat.


Our Product Line:


Trigger Man - Trigger/Gate Sequencer Eurorack Module V2

The Deptronics Trigger Man Eurorack module unique trigger/gate sequencer with a revolutionary interface that enables you to create any sequence with just two knobs.

There are 8 trigger outputs, each with its own 8 step sequence. It has 8 pattern memories (sets of 8X8 sequences), which can be played back in any order and chained into a series of patterns up to 100 patterns long. There are even two CV input jacks to control the sequences, patterns, or tempo. All of this fits in a very compact 8 HP wide module.

New Version 2 firmware update adds tons of powerful new features in the same hardware!
If you already own a Trigger Man, find out how to get the update.


Thunderclap Analog Hand Clap Stompbox / Module

The Delptronics Thunderclap is a classic analog hand clap effect based on the famous hand clap sound of the TR-808 and TR-909 drum machines with extra knobs to tweak the sound from claps to finger snaps to snares to cymbals to thunderous crashes.

The Thunderclap is available as an Eurorack module, or a stompbox in a heavy-duty aluminum enclosure with awesome graphics. It is also available as a Eurorack module or stompbox kit.


ThunderBell Analog Cowbell

The Deptronics ThunderBell is a classic analog voltage controlled cowbell. The circuit is inspired by the great cowbell sound in the Korg KR-55. The ThunderBell adds voltage controlled pitch and the Eurorack module version also includes voltage controlled decay.

The ThunderBell is available as an assembled Eurorack module, assembled inside an actuall cowbell, or as a kit.


LDB-1 Analog Drum Machine

The LDB-1 “Little Drummer Boy” is a modern recreation of the classic analog drum machines of the 80's, like the Roland TR-606 and TR-808. Our goal was to recreate the warm sounds of the classics, using all analog circuitry - not samples. The brain of the LDB-1 is a powerful digital microcontroller that triggers the analog drum sounds and provides the sequencer, programmability and connectivity features. Easily interfaces with other instruments, synthesizers, DAWs, etc. through analog connections, MIDI, and DINsync.


Bender Sequencer

A step sequencer for controlling circuit-bent devices that were never even designed to be controlled. Available as a kit or fully assembled.


Coming Soon

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CV to MIDI Eurorack Module

Control your DAW or any MIDI hardware from your Eurorack. The Delptronics CV to MIDI Module has 24 CV inputs, each individually configurable to send any MIDI message: Gate (Note On/Off), Pitch, Velocity, Aftertouch, Pitch Bend, Mod Wheel, CC, NRPN, Program Change, Clock, Start/Stop.


General MIDI Audio Module

The Delptronics General MIDI Audio Module adds the full General MIDI sound set to your Eurorack. Simply plug your DAW or MIDI sequencer into the module, then patch the synth-level outputs into the rest of your Eurorack modules.



January 19 - 22, 2017

Delptronics will be at The NAMM Show in Hall B, Booth #5000.

December 13, 2016

Delptronics did a REDDIT AMA.

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